Sunday, 29 April 2012

still inlove with you, but im glad your happy

i dont know why just cant stop thinking of you again
im missing those times i could look in your green eyes and see you looking back
i miss those times you'd giggle loudly and wouldent stop
i miss your brunette hair and the way it would curl in the rain
you were the best part of me but you walked away
you were the best of me but you left me like that
i know times have changed but i just want to say i love you
i know years of past and you seem happy again
i know your there with him now but i cant live my life this way
i truely miss you
i suppose i cant complain as when you left every shooting star i saw i wished for you to be happy

6 months ago you told me hes like me and what can you do to make him happy again
i put speaking to you again on sky hooks and posted on your wall things that said 'i love you i miss you and i wanted you back' truth is i did but i didnt tell you that if hes like me and sees another boy wanting his girl he will want you more and do anything for you to stay with him
and now it looks like he has.

this is not a made up story its a true fact of what i did and how i did it i supose the morel would be. if things go sour dont wish hate rember that you loved that person and you were there world so while you may be sorting parts of your life out rember there living theres alone with out you and they dont need to be brought down with you'